Google Docs to Live PDF Link Generator!

"Would you like to share Google Docs file as PDF? Then you must have to use DocstoPDF Generator for your Google Gocs files!"

Frequently Asked Questions?

What does this tool do?

This tool modifies the link of a Google Docs file to make it appear as a PDF link. It does not convert the actual file into a PDF format; rather, it changes the link presentation to simulate a PDF file.

How to create PDF Link with this tool?

  1. First we Copy the link of your Google Docs file.
  2. Paste the title in the first box.
  3. Then, click Generate Link Button.
  4. Then click on Copy button to copy to your clipboard.

Does this tool actually convert my Google Docs file into a PDF?

No, the tool does not perform any conversion on the actual file. It only alters the link to mimic a PDF file. The content of the document remains in its original Google Docs format.

Can I edit the Google Docs file through the modified PDF link?

Yes, since the link still points to the original Google Docs file, you can edit the document by clicking on the link. The modified link is only for display purposes and does not affect the file's editing capabilities.

Can I revert the modified link back to the original Google Docs link?

Yes, if you decide to share the file without the PDF link modification, you can simply provide the original Google Docs link instead. The modification is only applied when generating the PDF link for convenience.

How does the tool work?

The tool modifies the URL of the Google Docs file by appending parameters or altering the link structure to mimic a PDF file. When users click on the modified link, it opens the Google Docs file in a viewer that emulates a PDF format.

Is it free or you have to pay for this tool?

Yes! It's free for now and forever. You do not even have to pay a penny for this premium tool.

Is there any link conversion limit of this tool?

No! You can convert unlimited links.


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